The Clueless Guys Guide to Ordering Flowers

Step 1

Learn at least a little something about your girl / guy

What color do they like? If you have no idea, think about what colours they often wear or what colour their personal items are. (What color is their bag, phone, shoes, laptop? Chances are the answers are all around you.

Step 2

How would you describe them?

Edgy? Girly girl? Soft and romantic? Career/goal-oriented? Delicate or bold? Shy or outgoing? Funny, quirky, serious? Even just one or two descriptors will help - make sure to enter them into the "special instructions" field if you are ordering online.

Step 3

What are you trying to say?

If it's someone you just met or someone you want to meet then a bouquet of flowers, sunflowers or a rose with chocolates is enough to let them know you are interested.

If you are thinking of proposing then give us a call.. we have all sorts of ideas!

Step 4

Still Lost?

Don't worry - we are here to help - leave it up to us. Let us know how much you want to spend (we can work to any budget) and we will make sure they are happy.